Apple News – 5 New Predictions for Apple in 2011 – software News

Everyone knows that Apple is one of the greatest technology innovators of our time, and continually roll out new and innovative products and service. They had their first real home run when they came out with the original iPod, touting you could now carry 1,000 songs in your pocket. That phrase stuck to their core company idea of simple makes for beautiful products. But what is the next products and services that Apple will come out with? What will the next big Apple News be? Here are some of our predictions for Apple Products in 2011.Huge iPhone Incentives With the latest release of the Verizon iPhone, there will be now a new found competition for the iPhone market. AT&T has dominated this market so far only because of its exclusive relationship with Apple, which I believe has helped the popularity of the iPhone in the long run. The exclusivity has kept the cost of the iPhone up, making it the luxury product of the phone market. But with the new competition in the market, both Verizon and AT&T will be competing to gain market share with the iPhone, and therefore a price war will start. Both will try to offer better incentives for the iPhone, which will drive initial costs down significantly to be competitive. The price of data and phone places will probably stay the same, and be where the companies make up the difference of the lower costs.Apple Stock Soars It will be no surprise that Apple stock will continue to increase in price significantly. As I write this article in January 2011, the price is currently around $340. That will continue to steadily increase over the next year, and probably reach over $400 by the end of the year. It may go even higher than that, depending on what other improvements and announcements are made in Q3 and Q4 of 2011.Macs gain market share Macintosh computers have been continually gaining market share in the industry for the past decade, and will only continue to grow. Their higher price has kept them as the luxury product in the market, but their longevity, function, and worth has kept the demand very high. They have been continuing to diversify their computer types and applications for the last few months, and will only continue to do so in 2011. With a rise in software development, more people will be willing and able to make the switch, and will not be disappointed at all with Macs.MacBooks drop lower in price The current line of MacBook Pro computers have solidly entrenched Macs in the laptop industry. They offer phenomenal products, and a slightly higher yet reachable price. So far their regular MacBook has been a little neglected in the process. But I believe that around the same time they release OS X Lion in Summer 2011, they will have made major renovations in the MacBook laptops. They will be smaller, more powerful, and most importantly, cheaper. Apple already has products that compete with larger laptops, and smaller netbooks, but they really need to have something to compete for the entry level laptop. If they can get the price of the computer down to $800-900 with some improvements, they will make major headway in the market.New Surge in Software Development Because of the recent unveiling of the Mac App Store, there will be a new surge in software and application development for the Mac computers. More companies will be writing their programs for Macs, and will reap the benefits for doing so. In 2010, Autodesk came out with their flagship product, AutoCad, on the Mac, which has opened the door to many technical professionals to switch over to Mac. More and more software developers will be doing the same thing in order to reach the market of PC-to-Mac-switchers. This will especially be true in the business environment, which is traditionally WIndows dominated. More software will be web based, and more apps will become available on the Mac, which will cause many to take another look at Mac laptops.